We always eat fast food and lazy to do exercise. This is live style of modern people now days. People do this because of many activities, busies live and crowded problems that they must face. The researchers from American Heart Association and American Cancer Society give warning to people around the world in order to do few suggestions.

They suggest few strategies can avoid from stroke, heart attack. We must change modern life style in order to be health. To do health diet and active life, prevent heart attack risk to 27 millions people and stroke risk to 10 millions people. Based on study of American National Health that has been done research for 1984 until 2004, giving suggestion like below

1. Stop smoking.

Based on research, people that become smoking addiction, tend to get stroke and heart attack easily. People tend to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, avoid to smoke too much.

2. Body mass index.

Avoid your body over weight. Keep your body balance. Consult to your Doctor how to do health diet. Over weight have risk, diabetes, heart attack and high blood pressure.

3. Keep your cholesterol (LDL) stable.

High cholesterol make your blood stream does not run well. Doing sport and take activities are the best solution.

4. Keep your blood pressure stable.

Avoid eating fatty food and consume health food. Consult to the Doctor about health menu.

5. Keep your blood sugar content stable

People have diabetes risks, avoid to drink and eating high sugar content.

6. People tend to have heart attack risk.

They had better to drink aspirin every day.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson was an Asian-American surgeon who pioneered methods of storing blood plasma for transfusion and organized the large-scale blood bank in the U.S.