• Dr. Schulze’s PMS Awareness Treatment.

    Regulate your Monthly Cycle and PMS

    A few weeks ago I bought a product by Dr. Schulze called “Female Plus – FEM+“. In these past years I’ve been using a number of his products and I simply love them. After various detoxes (blog posts coming soon), I wanted to give this product a try. Even thought my cycle has improved drastically and I […]

  • Endometriosis Diet #HappyHealthyEndo

    My Healthy Endometriosis Diet

    Do you see the word “DIE” in “Diet”? If so, you’re not alone! I used to be like you up until not too long ago! We have been trained to think that a diet is just a way to eat tiny measured portions of sad, tasteless food. In this blog, the word ‘diet’ will simply […]

  • http://fr.wikihow.com/%C3%AAtre-pr%C3%AAte-pour-ses-r%C3%A8gles

    The Dangers of non-Organic Cotton Pads

    When you read what I’am about to share with you, you are going to have the shock of your life. Just as I did in the beginning. I stopped using conventional or “normal” pads about 5 years ago and I’m very glad I did. Why is it so important for women to use organic pads or tampons? […]

  • Endo has a Face ©HappyHealthyEndo

    Photos of my Laparoscopy

    +++++++Alert+++++++Below are the pictures of the surgery, if you are sensitive to medical images I strongly advice not to continue reading.+++++++ This is the letter I received from the doctor explaining the results of my second surgery. “Dear Mrs. Susie, Further to our previous communication I am now writing to inform you about the operation performed upon you on 12th October. We […]

  • Candida Cleanse by McCombs

    Candida Cleanse and Endometriosis

    After trying out the Be Pure Cleanse, I wanted to try something more specific in dealing with my endo. In my last blog posts I discussed about Candida, the symptoms and a possible connection with endo. There are various ways of treating Candida and keeping it at bay. One of the options is a 4 month […]

  • Tropical Cookies #Vegan #Organic #HappyhealthyEndo

    Tropical Cookies

    Do you often get cravings for something sweet but you are limited with the options out there? No worries, there is plenty of delicious DIY solutions to keep our sweet tooth satisfied. Tropical Cookies (and it’s all vegan, organic and gluten-free). Ingredients (if possible use all organic ingredients) 2 organic bananas 1 and 1/2 cup of organic amaranth flakes […]

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Endo 101

candida and endometriosis

Candida and Endometriosis

I don’t about you, but the first time I heard the word ‘candida’ I was like… “what’s Candida”? So don’t worry if you’re just hearing the C word! When reading about it, what fascinated me more about Candida is that it could actually make your life and health quite miserable both mentally and physically. It’s […]

understanding endometriosis misconceptions

Understanding Endometriosis Misconceptions!

Why This is Important In my last blog post, I listed 5 common misconceptions about endometriosis. Please think twice and evaluate all your options before a surgeon decides to start ripping organs out of your body; before a psychologist makes you believe you’re crazy because you are making yourself think you are sick; or before you use a baby as an improbable […]

5 misconceptions about Endo

5 Misconceptions about Endometriosis

Here are the most common 5 misconceptions about Endometriosis: 1. It’s all in your head 2. Pregnancy will cure endo 3. It’s contagious 4. Painful periods are normal 5. Hysterectomy will cure endo Ladies and gentlemen…..this is totally false. Let’s be clear:   1. It’s NOT all in your head 2. Pregnancy will NOT cure endo 3. It’ NOT contagious 4. Painful periods are NOT […]

Endo associations & organizations #happyhealthyendo #endometriosis

Endometriosis Associations & Organizations Worldwide

Hello Dears, I hope you are all having a lovely and wonderful day. I wanted to point you to something I’ve found useful over time, especially at the beginning when I had no clue what endo was. There are a number of Endometriosis associations & organizations around the world that provide education & support. Many of these sites […]

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